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IndianOil has created a special partner portal called SDMS PX Indianoil Portal to digitize its vast distribution network across India. This online system works efficiently for IndianOil’s dealers, distributors, and business clients.

Based on the Government’s Digital India mission, the portal gives customizable logins so each user has access as per their role – whether it is booking refill orders, tracking supply truck movement, payments, or raising complaints.

sdms px indianoil

For customers also, facilities to book cylinders, locate nearby petrol pumps using dealer search, and give feedback are available. With easy-to-use features that keep improving regularly, SDMS IOCL(Indian Oil Corporation Limited), enables smooth functioning despite large volumes.

Benefits of SDMS PX Indianoil (

SDMS PX IndianOil Portal Login plays a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations within the Indian Oil Corporation. Let’s dive into the different aspects of the portal and see how it benefits businesses in the oil and gas industry.

Placing Fuel Orders and Tracking Deliveries:

The portal allows users to place fuel orders with ease. With just a few clicks, users can input their requirements, specify delivery locations, and even track the status of their orders in real time.

Analyzing and Optimizing Fuel Consumption:

By using the data provided by the SDMS PX Indianoil Portal, businesses can analyze their fuel consumption patterns and identify areas for optimization. This valuable insight enables them to make informed decisions, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact.

Monitoring Inventory and Storage:

Effective monitoring of inventory and storage is crucial for smooth operations in the oil and gas industry. The SDMS PX Indianoil Portal enables users to keep a constant check on product stock, storage capacity, and delivery schedules.

Effective Payment Processes:

The portal simplifies payment processes by providing automated tools to accommodate fuel invoices and monitor payment status. This significantly reduces manual effort, eliminates errors, and ensures timely payment to suppliers.

Tracking Order Status and Workflow:

Gone are the days of manual tracking and constant communication with suppliers. The portal enables users to track the status of their orders and monitor the workflow, ensuring visibility and accountability throughout the supply chain.

Generating and Retrieving Invoice Documents:

Generating and retrieving invoice documents can be time-consuming and prone to errors. However, the portal automates this process, enabling businesses to effortlessly generate invoices, store them securely, and retrieve them whenever required.

How to Register on sdms px indianoil Portal

To register on SDMS IOCL, You have to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website
  • On the Homepage, Click on the option New Registration
  • The registration form will appear on the screen
  • Fill in the details such as Line of Business, Industry category, Name, Email ID Mobile Number, etc
  • Double-check the details you provided and click the submit button
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number and Email
  • Enter the OTP and your registration process will be completed


Here are the steps to log in to the Indian Oil portal

  • Visit the official website
  • Open the sdms px indianoil portal
  • Click on the login option on the Homepage
  • Enter your Username and Password to log in
  • Now you can access the sdms iocl dashboard for different services.

Steps to Check Sales Order Supply Through SDMS Indian oil

To check the sales order supply on sdms iocl you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • The sdms login page will appear, Enter your User name and Password
  • On the dashboard look for the option All orders in the top right corner of your screen
sdms px indianoil sale order
  • Click on All Open Orders from the scroll down
  • You can also select other options such as orders created from the last 1 day
  • After selecting the option all the orders will be displayed on the screen.

How to Check Payment Sales Order Details Online?

  • Go to the smds px indianoil portal at edealer_enu
  • Provide your credentials on the login page
  • After login select the option sale order and then Bulk generate invoice
sdms iocl payment sales details
  • Go to the search button and select Paid orders from this date to that date
  • All the paid orders will be displayed on the screen.

Steps to Reset SDMS IOCL Portal Password

If you have forgotten your sdms portal password you can reset it by following these simple steps mentioned below:

  • Open the smds iocl portal
  • Go to the login page and select the option Forgot Password
  • You will be directed to a page where you will be asked to enter User ID
sdms px indianoil password reset
  • Enter your User ID and enter OTP which will be sent to you on your registered Mobile Number.
  • After providing the OTP click on the option Verify
  • Another page will be displayed with two options New Password and Confirm Password
  • Click on confirm and you will be able to complete the process.

How to Get the IOCL Account Statement

  • Open the Indian oil sdms portal
  • Enter username and password on the login page
  • Click on the Current Balance option available on the screen
  • Choose the date range the maximum account statement you can get on 1 turn is six months.
  • If you want to get the account statement for 1 year you have to repeat this process twice
  • The report will be displayed on the screen and you can export it to Excel.

How to Add a New Employee to SDMS Portal

  • Visit the official website
  • Provide your login credentials on the login page
  • Then go to the option Partner Sites after clicking the dropdown sign available on the top bar
  • A dashboard will appear where you will have to click on the Site Name
  • Then click on the Employees option and select the option + to add a new employee
  • Enter the details of the employee such as Name, Gender, DOB, mobile number, designation, and position.
  • Recheck the information and click on Submit.

How to Terminate Employee in SDMS PX Indianoil

  • Go to the smds px indianoil portal and provide your login details
  • First, you have to change your position on the portal to terminate the employee
  • Go to the user icon available on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select the option Change Position and select Partner position from the options.
  • Then go to the option Partner Sites from the drop-down option
  • Click on Site Name and Go to Employee option
  • Select the employee name you want to terminate
  • Scroll down the screen and go to option employee details
  • Select the terminate option from the status and provide the date and reason for termination.
  • By following these steps the employee will be terminated.

How to Check Subsidy Report Status on SDMS Portal

  • Go to SDMS IOCL login
  • Enter your user ID and password
  • Click on the Relationships option on the menu
  • Enter the consumer ID or relationship ID and click on the search
  • Scroll down the screen and click on the subsidy status option
  • All the orders related to this consumer ID will be displayed
  • You can check the subsidy month-wise by clicking on the sale order of that month
  • After clicking on the sale order scroll down and you will find the subsidy report for that month.

How to DE-link Aadhaar From The IOC Connection on Portal

  • Open sdms iocl website
  • Enter your login details
  • Click on the Relationships option on the menu
  • Enter consumer ID in this section
  • To de-link the Aadhaar card select the last name
  • Select the option Profile SR next to identities.
  • Select the + icon and under transaction type select the option Aadhaar Delink
  • Next, click the SR number then the consumer’s Aadhaar number, and then submit SR
  • The process of de-linking is completed and it will take effect in a few minutes.

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