Step To Fill MahaDBT Profile Form

After completing the Mahadbt scholarship registration and login process, you are directed to a page with an option for an Aadhar bank link. Ensure your account is linked to your Aadhar card to get the benefit (DBT) into your account.

mahadbt bank link

Next, there Is an option profile where you have to fill in your profile details. Sometimes, it’s difficult for the user to fill out the Mahadbt profile detail form.

In this article, we have covered a step-by-step Guide on how to complete your profile. The profile completion requires 6 steps. These 6 steps are:

  • Personal Information
  • Address Information
  • Other information
  • Current Course
  • Past Qualification
  • Hostel Details

MahaDBT Profile Details

After successful login on the Mahadbt portal, A dashboard will be displayed. After that, you will click on the option profile, which is located on the left of your screen.

Then all the options will appear, and you have to fill in the details individually, like personal and address information.

Personal Information

In this section, you have to fill 6 tabs like Personal, religion, caste, and income details., Let’s go through this one by one

mahadbt personal details

Personal Details:

Please enter information in these:

  • Aadhar Number
  • Applicant Name, Full name as per Mark sheet
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Guardians Mobile Number

Religion Details:

Enter your religion here, i.e., Hindu, Muslim, etc.

Caste Details:

Please enter the information in these tabs carefully, as it requires your caste certificate number, issue date, etc.

mahadbt caste details

  • Caste Category
  • Caste
  • Caste Certificate Number
  • Issuing District
  • Applicant Name
  • Issuing Authority
  • Upload Caste Certificate
  • Issue Date of Certificate

Income Details:

mahadbt income details
  • Write your Family’s annual income
  • Do you have an income Certificate? write YES
  • Did you receive a certificate from the Mahadbt portal? Write yes or no
  • Write the income certificate Number
  • Write issuing authority
  • Upload income certificate
  • Lastly, write the date of the issue

Domicile Details:

mahadbt domicile detail
  • Are you domiciled in Maharashtra? Select option yes
  • Do you have a domicile certificate? Select yes
  • In ‘Relationship Type’, select the option self if you are applying for yourself, or else you can select the option brother or sister.
  • Did you receive the certificate from the Mahadbt portal? Write yes or no.
  • Enter the domicile certificate number
  • Write Applicants name
  • Select issuing authority
  • Upload domicile certificate by clicking on ‘Choose File’

Personal Eligibility Details:

In this Section, you will asked about two things:

  • Are you a salaried person? YES or NO? Select option NO if you are not doing any job along with your studies.
  • Next is a disability of any type. If NO, then select no option. But if yes, then 3 more options will be displayed, like disability type, Person with disability, and do you have disability certificate? Select option YES

Aadhar Bank Details:

  • Is your Aadhar-linked bank account, or does the account have a deposit limit? Select option YES

Bank Details:

  • Add your bank account No in the first option
  • Enter IFS code
  • Enter the branch name of your bank

After that, click on the Save option. Your Personal Details section is completed.

Address Information

In this section, you must fill in your address details, like permanent and corresponding addresses.

        Permanent Address Details:

Mahadbt Permanent Address Details
  • Write your complete address
  • Select State Maharashtra
  • Select District
  • Select taluka
  • Write village
  • Enter Pincode
  • Is the Corresponding address the same as the permanent address? Select YES or NO. If you select NO, you must also fill in the correspondence address section.

   Correspondence address:

  • Write your correspondence address
  • Select State Maharashtra
  • Select District
  • Select taluka
  • Write village
  • Enter Pincode

Click on save. Now, two steps have been completed in the submission of the Mahadbt profile; let’s proceed to step 3

Other Information

Mahadbt other information details

    Parents/Guardians Details

  • Select the option YES or No in the section: is your father alive?
  • Enter your Father’s name
  • Select Occupation
  • Is Salaried? Select Yes or no
  • Select the option YES or No in the section Is your Mother alive?
  • Enter your Mother’s name
  • Select Occupation Housewife/job
  • Salaried select Yes or no

Click on the Save option, and This step is also completed.

  Current Course

Mahadbt current course detail
  • Select the admission year in the current course
  • Enter the institute state Maharashtra
  • Select instititue district
  • Select institute Taluka
  • Enter the Qualification level like an undergraduate course or diploma course, etc.
  • Select Stream like commerce arts, etc
  • Enter College/School Name
  • Enter curse name
  • Select year of study i.e., First-year second year etc
  • Select option: Second year completed or pursuing. If you select completed, then two more options will be displayed
  • Write Admission year in college ( second year )
  • Enter your percentage
  • Enter the status of the result PASS
  • Upload your Mark sheet
  • Click on the option Save

Past Qualification

Mahadbt past qualification details
  • Enter your qualification level
  • Enter your Stream i.e. commerce, arts e.t.c
  • Select completed In the completed status option
  • Enter the institute state Maharashtra
  • Select institute district
  • Select institute Taluka
  • Enter College/School Name
  • Enter course name
  • Select Board/University
  • Select Mode
  • Enter Admission/Passing year
  • Enter Result/percentage and Attempts
  • Upload your Mark Sheet
  • Enter GAP if Any
  • Click on the option Save

Hostel Details

This is the last step of the completion of the MahaDBT profile. If you are a hostler, then you need to fill in your address and certificate, etc. Otherwise, you will select the option ‘ Day Scholar’

Mahadbt hostel details
  • Select beneficiary category ‘ Hostler ‘ or ‘ Day Scholar ‘
  • Enter state Maharashtra
  • Select District
  • Select Taluka
  • Select Hostel type, i.e., government hostel or nongovernment
  • Enter the Hostel Name/address
  • Enter the admission date in the hostel
  • Select the yes or no option in Is Mess available?
  • Add rent per month without mess charges
  • Upload hostel certificate/warden certificate

By following all the steps mentioned above, you can complete your MahaDBT profile.

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