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India sure knows how to build great companies across industries whether it be tech, jewelry, or automobile companies. One of them is TVS motors, It ranks among the top bike makers nationally with a strong export game too, TVS ships out to 60+ countries as India’s 2nd largest two-wheeler exporter.

So they have to manage huge sales via dealerships in India and abroad. TVS offers its dealers a special TVS DMS software.

This Dealership Management System takes care of all major activities at TVS showrooms and service centers. From tracking inventory, generating billing invoices, and monitoring service jobs to staff workload planning, it automatically handles all the tasks.

TVS Advantage

TVS Advantage serves as a complete solution for automating all key aspects involved in running TVS dealership outlets. Some of its major capabilities include:

  • End-to-end sales life cycle management: Handles retail finance, insurance, inventory control, invoicing, delivery process, and customer analytics related to unit sales
  • Service and workshop automation: Work order management, job costing, warranty claims processing, service history tracking, etc.
  • Accounting and financial workflows: Accounts receivable/payable, general ledger, bank reconciliation, credit control, stationary control, etc.
  • Supply chain and inventory optimization: Stock control, spare parts purchase and pricing, vendor performance tracking, etc.
  • Business monitoring and reports: Customized reporting, real-time dashboards, and data visualization related to all operational and financial KPIs.

TVS Dealership Management

TVS Motor Company has over 450 dealerships across India, previously coordinated through SAP ERP.

However, they have now adopted a more advanced, customized Dealership Management System (DMS) to smooth operations such as sourcing information, spare parts management, and other mechanisms.

The new DMS offers integrated capabilities like finance control, inventory optimization, customer analytics, and service workflow – developed collaboratively by TVS with auto industry partners and software companies.

For usage rights, each dealer must contribute INR 1.5 lakhs covering hardware, software, and support costs. This platform also enables coordination across dealers while being scalable for utilization by other vehicle brands. The productive DMS promises to empower TVS’ nationwide dealer network.

Understanding the TVS DMS Login Process

To access the TVS Advantage system, authorized users are provided unique login credentials by the company. The platform offers role-based access to ensure security and enable specific functionality as required for particular job profiles.

The major user roles defined in TVS DMS software are:

Has complete view and control over day-to-day workings, and can manage security configurations and user rights. Gets real-time reports on sales performance, collections payables, etc.

Assigned access as per their department’s scope – sales, service, accounts, etc. Can manage staff and operations of their particular department.

Can perform allowed actions like adding customer details, creating service job sheets or billing invoices, etc. Views, editing rights, and menu accessibility is restricted.

Authorized user IDs are created by the dealership owner or Admin. Upon registration, every user needs to complete their profile by providing details like name, phone number, email ID, and setting a strong password. Choosing appropriate security questions aids in password recovery.

Advantagetvs in login

To access the Advantage TVS login, the user needs to follow these steps:

advantage tvs
  • Go to the official website
  • The page will be displayed as shown above in the picture
  • Enter your dealer credentials (Dealer Code)
  • Select your Role such as dealer admin, admin, accounts, sales, support, and services.
  • Enter your dealership branch
  • Select the Language
  • Enter your User ID and Password
  • Press the LOGIN button to access the portal

Steps to use the Advantage TVSDIGI App

The TVS app is only available to TVS authorized dealers where they can access features such as Service appointment provision, post-service Feedback, Job Cards, reports, enquiries, etc.

  • You first need to download the TVS app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • After installation, open the app and grant all the permissions, and the login page will appear
  • Enter username, Dealer ID, Branch Code, etc.
  • You can create job cards access reports and utilize other features.

How to Recover the TVS DMS Login Password

  • Open TVS Website
  • Enter your registered Email ID to receive the password link
  • Follow the instructions provided in the email to reset your password
  • In case you forgot the username, Click on the Forgot Username link
  • Click the restore user name tab to access the details on the registered email ID
  • Open the email ID to access the username.

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