What is ID DOPBNK Full Form? Curious about these messages? Find all details!

What is DOPBNK full form? | DOPBNK Means | DOPBNK Full Name | What is the meaning of DOP BNK? | Dop Full Form

Are you receiving messages from senders like ID DOBNK, VK DOPBNK, IM DOPBNK, TD DOPBNK, and VD DOPBNK, and you are wondering if these messages are some scams? No, these messages are from the Department of Post Bank.

If you receive messages like a bank transaction but not from your bank number, it is very confusing, and you may consider it a scam. Please don’t get confused; these messages are from the Department of Post Bank and are legitimate, helping you stay updated on your bank transactions.

DOPBNK Full form

What is the Dopbnk message?

DOPBNK messages are viral these days. People are getting confused because they don’t know that these messages are transaction notifications by the Department of Post Bank updating you about the activities of your post office account.

But the question arises: why are they getting these messages if someone doesn’t have a post office account?

It could be that your phone number was registered at the post office, so that’s why you are getting these messages, but if you want complete clarification, you can visit your nearest post office branch.

What is Dopbnk?

The full form of DOPBNK is the Department of Post Bank. The Ministry of Communications under the Government of India established it. So the messages you receive under the name of dopbnk are from the Ministry of Communications India. Hence, they are completely legitimate. The messages that you receive are often like these:


These first letters before dopbnk refer to your network and city, i.e., IM means Idea Maharashtra, and ID means Idea Delhi.

What is the Reason Behind Dopbnk Sms?

The Indian post-payment bank provides many services to its customers. Following are the reasons you may be getting dopbnk messages:

  • You are using IPPB account services, which include the National Saving Recurring Deposit account, Public Provident Fund Account, Post office account, Saving and Deposit account, and Senior Citizens Saving Scheme account.
  • You will receive SMS alerts for each disbursement if you receive government subsidies or benefits like MNREGA payments or scholarships directly into your DOPBNK account(DBT).
  • You will receive SMS transaction confirmation when you use DOPBNK for third-party financial products, such as investments, loans, or insurance.

DOPBNK SMS notifications are designed to facilitate customers and protect them from fraudulent activity. These notifications are crucial in informing users about various beneficial schemes offered by the department.

DOPBNK Sms Legitimate or Fraud?

Yes, these messages are Legitimate. These notifications are from the Indian Post department, which comes under the Ministry of Communications and is owned by the government of India. These timely messages provide valuable insights into account activity, ensuring customers remain informed about their financial transactions. Individuals can better manage their finances and make informed decisions by receiving real-time updates on deposits, withdrawals, and balance changes.

Indian Post Payment Bank (IPPB) was launched on 30 January 2017 at Ranchi (Jharkhand) and Raipur (Chhattisgarh), and the plan was to be present all over India in 2018,2019. Now, they have expanded across India, covering Indian post offices; hence, the messages you are getting are from reliable sources.

DOPBNK Customer Care Number

Indian post-payment banking services offer a convenient and accessible way to manage your finances from anywhere, anytime. You can call 155299 to connect with their phone banking representatives for any queries.

  • Customer Care is available 24/7
  • Save time by avoiding visits to the bank
  • Immediate response to queries
  • Balance and transaction-related details
  • Information on Indian Post Bank’s Services/Products
  • Information on the last five transactions
  • Account-related information
  • Issuing of account statement
  • Another banking-related query

Details on DOPBNK Balance Number

Following are the ways to check your IPPB account balance related to Dopbnk notifications:

  • Missed Call Banking: To use the missed call banking service, you must register by giving a missed call to 8424054994. Make sure the mobile number is linked to your IPPB Account. Then give a missed call to 8424046556 to avail of the balance inquiry service.
  • Use SMS Banking: To use SMS banking, first register your number, which is linked to your IPPB account, by sending “REGISTER” to 7738062873. Then, send BAL to 7738062873 for a balance inquiry.
  • Check Via IPPB Mobile App: Download it from the Google Play store and check your account balance.
  • Nearest Post Office: You can visit your nearest post office branch with your passbook and details.


These are all the details regarding dopbnk notifications. These real-time notifications provide valuable insights into account activity, ensuring you remain informed about your transactions, balance updates, and potential security concerns. Remember, DOPBNK SMS is a trusted source of information from the Department of Post Office Savings Bank, so you can trust that the messages you receive from ID DOPBNK or IM DOPBNK are legitimate and relevant to your IPPB account.


The IFSC code for the DOPBNK is IPOS0000001. You need the IFSC IPPB code to transfer money from one account to another.

It is an SMS sent by the Department of Post bank in case of every transaction in your post bank account.

The full form of dopbnk is the Department of Post Bank.

ID dopbnk means Idea Delhi Department of Post Bank. The first letters before dopbnk refer to your network and city, i.e., ID means Idea Delhi.

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